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Philosophy Harmony Chair: Conceptual Framework

Philosophy Harmony Chair

Existential Harmony Research Projects and World Conference-2015

(Conceptual Framework)



Philosophical Harmony Chair has been established under Interdisciplinary Research Projects and World Conference on Existential Harmony by IASE Deemed University and Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar (Rajasthan). It is likely to undertake approximately 10-15 inter and multidisciplinary research projects on various dimensions of the main theme of the project in order to realize the objectives of the Chair.


The following are the objectives of the Chair:

·         To identify the truth regarding establishment of Existential Harmony and Peace.

·         To discover existential theories in the evolutionary process of existence.

·         To differentiate logically the merits of various philosophical theories on Existential Harmony.

·         To establish truth regarding Homo-spacious’ nature for not possessing destructive by nature.

·          To discover and integrate the facts from interdisciplinary knowledge for finding possibility in establishment of harmony and peace.

·         To find possibilities of rectifying human errors and restoring the universal system of global harmony.

·         To identify common parameters of spiritual scriptures and world constitutional documents for achieving global harmony and peace.


The proposed areas of research are as stated below:

·         Existence as Co-Existence

·         Philosophy of Order, Peace and Harmony

·         Philosophy of Peace in relationship to Material Sciences, Cognitive Awareness and Spiritual Consciousness

·         Analytical and Comparative Studies in relation to existential issues

·         Emerging dimensions of knowledge in relations to existential philosophy and peace

·         Methodological components to study existential harmony and peace

·         Ultimate reality and existential harmony



The structure of the Chair would be put to action under two sub-committees:

·         Advisory Committee

·         Research Committee


Broadly, research studies will be undertaken in the light of the following aspects:

        i.            Time-Frame: To be completed within one year

      ii.            Performance Outcomes: The progress of studies will be periodically reviewed by the Advisory Committee.

    iii.            Evaluation: At the completion of the project an evaluation of the studies will be done by the Chair.

     iv.            Follow-Up: As per the progress and gaps identified during the evaluation of the research project necessary action will be taken up as follow up under the Chair.

The findings/observations and suggestions would be worked out and drawn by the Chair in relation to the objectives and the content of other six chairs established by the university with a view to synchronise the expected outcomes of main research project.  

Chairperson: Prof. K.K.Sharma

Co-ordinator: Dr. Desh Raj Sirswal

Office Secretary: Dr. Vijay Pal Bhatnagar


Emails: Emails: ehphilc15@gmail.com, philosophychair12@gmail.com