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AMANASK – YOGA:A Break Through in Yogic Technology

AMANASK – YOGA:A Break Through in Yogic Technology

Realise the self beyond mind and body. Enter the field of Creativity, Wisdom and Bliss

The Amanask Yoga (S.N. M. Technology) has been carved upon the natural tendency of mind to go in the direction of greater charm and happiness. So it is natural, scientific and very effective yogic system to cater and boost all five aspects of human personality.

Today, in spite of great scientific inventions, technological innovations and development of civilization, man is neither healthy nor happy. He is physically ill, mentally tense and emotionally disturbed. This is because of great stresses and strains to which he is subjected on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Today, he is more susceptible to psychosomatic diseases. The most recent multi dimensional research also reveals and confirms the same.

S.N.M system of yoga is an important antidote to mental-tension, stress and strain. It improves physical health and provides balanced psychological growth. It introduces vitality and vigor in body, mind and soul. It is panacea for most ills of modern stress ridden society.

What is S. N. M. Yoga?

It is unique, integrated, wholesome yogic system based on unified-field.

Having human biodynamism in mind, each technique of this holistic yogic system is selected in such a way that it complements and supplements the rest of techniques to foster

rapid pace of all round development of various aspects of human personality i.e. physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Main Constituents

¨ Supra Natural Meditation

A simple, natural meditation technique which allows one’s awareness progressively to move from grosser to subtler aspects of the mind and finally even transcending the subtlest aspects of mind to the unified field of all creativity, wisdom and bliss.

¨ Pranayam

Yogic techniques for conscious control and regulation of vital energy (Prana) by manipulations of breathing pattern. Pranayam are selected in a manner that each helps in rejuvenation and revitalization of the respiratory and nervous system in particular and other systems of the human body in general.

¨ Asanas

These are chosen to give exercise to deep seated muscles, gland etc. to tone them up and improve their efficiency. They also help in increasing neuro-muscular co-ordination. Great emphasis is given on selection of asanas for spinal column and endocrinal glands.

¨ Health rejuvenating exercises

To give exercise to muscles, lymphs organs etc. of human body with reference to joints and various system of human body.

¨ Cleansing Technique

To remove three dhosas (Vata, Pita and Kapha) in the human body.

¨ Life style

To be in alliance with the natural laws i.e. achar (way of living), vichar (mental outlook), ahaar (diet) and vyavahar (behaviour).

Benefits of S.N.M

If one takes various techniques of the system seriously and perform them efficaciously under the expert guidance, it can improve each and every aspect of the body, mind and soul.

¨ Physical level

Improves the working of almost each cell, tissues, organs and system of human body, resulting in good physical health with improved vitality. It also increases neuro muscular co-ordination. It improves immunity power to prevent and ward off diseases also.

¨ Mental level

It is an antidote for mental stress and strain. It increases creativity and intelligence. It improves co-ordination between creative thinking and dynamic activity, very essential to gain success in any undertaking in life.

¨ Emotional level

It helps to unfold the full potential of heart and mind leading to better interpersonal relationship with the fellow beings.

¨ Spiritual level

To ignite the divine power within you and thus divinize your total personality.

The benefits that one gets from the sincere practice of this unique yogic system are automatic, cumulative, enriching each and every aspect of life of the practitioner.

S. N. M. is free from any theological dogmas:

This system has no theological or communal bias. It does not insist on any particular belief or dress. It is a scientific system. Any body without any distinction of caste, creed, culture etc. can learn the techniques of this simple, natural, unique scientific system of yoga.

Steps for learning S.N.M yoga:

· Intra-cum-preparatory talk about the techniques of this system (30 min.)

· Personal interview with GURU (10 min.)

· Personal instructions regarding meditation technique of this system (30 min.)

· Verification and validation of experience after practice (30 min.)

· Further verification, validation of experiences and conclusion after practice (30 min.)

· Q & A after each session (10 min.)

Time required

5-7 sittings, each comprising of above 45 minutes are needed after, intro-cum-preparatory talk or demonstration of various techniques of this unique scientific system of Supra Natural Meditation of Yoga.


Dr. Rajeshwar Sharma

M.Sc (Chemistry) , M.A (Philosophy), Degree in Yoga , Ph.D (Yoga)

C-10, Parivahan Apartments,, Sector-5, Vasundhra,Ghaziabad – 201012, U.P.

Ph: (0120) 4552632, Mob: 09871258853

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