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To All Human Beings: If Some Are

To All Human Beings: If Some Are

By Dr Desh Raj Sirswal. Saturday, 5. February, 12:04

This is an address to all human beings living in this beautiful world. This is not for any Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian or of any typical religious person. I ever thought that religion is a big problem for this world because mostly person favours, propogate own religion and criticize others religion. Every religious order education system should be stopped and a universal religious education system should come to existence where every child learn about all religions of the world, know the meaning of love, peace etc. We should try to give a new world to our children.


Moefi (mor air fee) # 6. February 2011, 13:48

...religion has always provided humanity with a sense of belonging. Unfortunately it cannot be ascribed to democracy or vice versa. Human beings have always tolerated each other as individuals but religion has taught them to differ at group level. This being said, there are huge benefits in the form of positive teachings individuals get from their religions.

I contend that individuals should exercise their right to subscribe to a religion that help them to be better people and in the not looking down on others or even take them to be enemies because they have a different subscription.

We can learn to coexist. I mean there no children of a lesser god.

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 6. February 2011, 13:59

Thanks Sir. Its nice thinking and it is also urgent matter of thinking about religious harmony in the world. Keep in touch.

I am I # 8. February 2011, 03:11

If every child studies all kind of religious, I think it will have 2 results.

1. The child will be a none religious person for knowing all of Gods.

2. Or the child will fight on mind " Who do I believe? " . And then, the struggles between religious will happen.

Raj, dream a peace world is a nice dream and me also too.

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 8. February 2011, 03:16

Dear there is a need of personal god, not social or community god. It is religion who is killing thousands of people around the world everywhere. Then I think it is better to become non religious, like me.

I am I # 8. February 2011, 03:33

Are you sure you are non religious? What does make you passionate in phylosophy?

Difficult to find a non religious. Of course, people is always saying " science is not religion " so what did you do with your passion?

Dr Desh Raj Sirswal # 8. February 2011, 04:23

Philosophy is an intellectual persuit in reference to our all believes. Whether they are religious, social, personal etc. Philosophy gives a critical insight to our life. Science and religion both are two sides of human life. Philosophy gives a synthesis to both and make our life more justify.

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