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The teacher and student relationship is the very important  for student  and teacher  also. Both spend 5 to 7 hours with each other in a day. Both are incomplete without  each other. The relationship of teacher and  student should  be very  positive and  balance  and  limited. Because a positive and limited  relationship between  both, help to a student  to share  his/her problem. The  teacher  in the  classroom  should  be polite, active  and  the understanding  level  of  the teacher  should  be  good, because  in a classroom there  are different-different  students  and they  all  have  different attitudes  and  levels. A teacher can encourage his/her  student. He/she can make  his/her  student optimistic, confident, and  even successful  also.

Both  have  to understand that  a  teacher   is  not  a way  to get  success  and  a student  is not a way  to earn  money  by  learning and  learning. In the case of teacher  and  student , interaction  is  most important  for a successful and  positive  relationship. A close  but  limited relationship  between  a teacher  and student  can helpful  for  those  students who  are  shy  and  find difficulty  to  speak  in  front of  the  other  students. It can  be helpful  for those students  also  who  have low  self-esteem  and  not confident  about  their  own selves.

Of course  a  teacher  can’t understand  every  problem of  the  student, but  he/she  can  give  acquire  enough information  for those students  who  are  suffering  or struggling  with specific  tasks. If a teacher can do efforts for his/her student then the student also  has to give respect  to his/her  teacher, the student  has  to be cooperative. So, afterall making  a good  relationship they  both  have  to  be (honest  with  each other. It is  the duty of  the  teacher to give  his/her  student good  education  and  to aware  them  about  good and  bad.

So, if  you are  teacher  then feel  proud  because  you can make  someone successful  and  if  you  are a student  then be very happy  and  also  feel  proud  because  you  gain knowledge  from  those teachers  who  always  try to make  your  future bright. JJJ

Rajni Bala
B.A.IInd Year (6443)

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