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Management Education as a Philosophy

Management Education as a Philosophy


The primary objective of this book is to draw the attention of Management thinkers towards the unexplored field of Philosophical and Spiritual Management. I hope that this book will motivate the Management thinkers to make new Models for management Education. This fascinating book has been written with the Inspiration of the greatest works of the Indian Management Scriptures i.e. Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Arthashatra etc., and also the ideal personalities like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna etc., and philanthropists like Chanakya, Mourya, sarvagna, Basaveshwara, Suntzu etc., and a lot whom we cannot name fully in this page have inspired people across management Fraternity. This book is an attempt to look, after the Myths, Perspectives and Applications and Sustainability of the management education in Philosophical fashion.


Pages : 292

Price : Rs 375

ISBN: 978-81-923275-1-8

Publisher : Spiritual Teacher Forum


Rohit Puri

Founder ( Spiritual Teacher Forum)