मंगलवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2011

Social Sciences as a Career

Social Sciences study all aspects of society-from past events and achievement to human behavior and relationship among groups.Their research provides insights thats helps us understand different ways in which individuals and groups makes decisions, exercise powars and respond to change. Through their studies and analyses, social scientists sugguest solutions to social, business, personal, govermental and environmental problems. Research is a major activity of many social scientists, who use a variety of methods to assemble facts and construct theories. Applied Research is designed to produce information that will enable people to makes better decisions or manage their affairs more effectively. Collecting information takes many forms, including interviews and questionnaires to gather demographic and opinion data, living and working among the population being studied, performing field investigation, analysing historical records and documents, and preparing and interpreting maps and computer graphics. The work of specialists in one field may find that their research overlaps work being conducted in another discipline. (Sudhakar Kumar Mishra, Employement News, Vol.XXXV,No 44, 29 Jan - 04 Feb , 2011)