सोमवार, 30 मार्च 2009

Preface for the 4th Issue

The title of the present issue is On Social Problems in this we will discuss about some social problem. We will find here some collection of articles by different thinkers on different issues. They will give us the right direction to understand social problems. How we define them and what is the right way to find them as a basic problem. The following articles are:

1. Defining Social Problems Dr. John S. Mahoney
2. Corruption in Education system in India – A UNESCO Report
3. Domestic Violence Against Women
4. Corruption is a Violation of Human Rights -Justice K. G.

We have a first article on defining the problems, second and fourth about the Corruption with special reference to Education and Human Rights. The third article is related to the violence against women in family.May this collection of articles give us a good understanding about the social issues. We will continue it to the next issues of the Journal also.
-Desh Raj Sirswal