सोमवार, 17 नवंबर 2008

Editorial of 3rd Issue

In third issue we have selected the title "Problems of Students and its Solutions". Here in this issue we will find article related to this theme. As you that we have started our project of Positive Philosophy after its formulation in last two issues. In these issues we have discussed nature and need of Positive Philosophy with how to do philosophy discussion. We have the theme that the teacher should follow the slogan “Towards Better Living” and “Towards Better Teaching” as permanent values in their personal and professional lives. Continuous development both as a person and as a teacher would make their lives enjoyable, fruitful and worthwhile in the truest sense. The philosopher can perform a useful, indeed a vitally important role, by bringing his or her training to bear on the task of elucidating the morally relevant features of the problem-situation and so making clear what factors need to be taken into account in arriving at a decision. Universal values must be our foundation if we are to enjoy a rich, profound and fulfilling life. Our personal and cultural biases limit and distort our perception of the universal wonder that is life. Even as the hands of a clock are powered from the center that remains ever still, so the universal values remain ever at the center of human life, no matter where the hands of time are pointing—past, present or future. And lastly we have conscious about the student’s problems then we should try to solve these by all means. Hope this issue benefited you with some relevant information regarding the main theme.